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Band of Hope 1871

Joseph South(1) 1822-1906 was member of the Primitive Methodist church and continued adherence to the faith after his emigration  to New Zealand in 1874. His grandaughter, Judith Cranefield, has provided a photocopy of a bill advertising an "Evenings Entertainment" organised by the Band of Hope and held at the Primitive Methodist Chapel, West Green, Tottenham, on 28 November 1871. It is assumed that Mrs South is his second wife, Mary Ann, and Mrs Dutton, his mother-in-law, Mary Jane Dutton. A transcript of the lower half of the bill, including the delightful titles of the songs and recitations, appears beneath.

The Evenings Entertainment will consist of Choruses, Melodies, Recitations and Sacred Songs

Mr. MacNally has the pleasure to inform the Public that the following

Ladies have in the kindest manner promised their services







 The Chair will be taken at 7.30 by


The Entertainment will commence with a Hymn by the company

The Spider and Fly

Master Jordon

I would like to be an Angel

Miss E Agutter

Thats the way to win theday

Miss Glover

Intoxicating Drink (Recitation)

Miss S Knight

Catch the Sunshine

Miss Agutter

Twinkle little Star

Miss Patten

By the sad sea Wave

Mrs Taylor

Spare the Insect

Miss Jordon

Jesus died for all

Miss C Knight

Driven from Home

Mrs South


Miss Poynter

Prodigal Son (Recitation)

Miss H Glover

Address by

Mrs Hore

Fox and the Farm

{Master Agutter

{Master Jordon

How beautiful upon the mountains

{Masr. {Agutter

{Miss Agutter

{Masr. {Agutter


Miss Poynter

Lead us onward O Lord

Miss Glover

Beautiful Stream

Miss Jordon

Dare to do right

Master Agutter

Watching for Pa

Miss Williams

The Sisters Warning

Mrs South

The Slave

Mrs Taylor

DEAR FRIENDS,- In laying this programme before you we trust there is nothing but what the Christian can conscientiously approve. This being so we humbly trust that the Christian world as well as the temperance world will rally round us, and by so doing encourage us in our arduous and sometimes very discouraging labours to our neighbours, whose children are entrusted to our care, we confidently appeal, believing that they will rally round us and encourage their own children. Mr McNally begs to inform friends that the next Public meeting will be duly announced.

H. JORDON, Treasurer,                          J. PILGRIM, Assistant Secretary. 

F. A. FORD, Printer, Upper Street, Islington      


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