Gallery 3

No 1 Joseph South(1) 1822-1906

Joseph South was born in Barley and after his marriage in 1844 gradually moved south via Standon, Ware and Cheshunt, working as a brick-maker until arriving in Edmonton where, in 1868, he founded a small pottery. After the death of his first wife, Joseph remarried and emigrated to New Zealand in 1874 having sold the pottery to his second son, Samuel. 

Nos. 2 - 4 Samuel South (1) 1853-1919 

Samuel continued at Dysons Road, Edmonton, until 1886 when he transferred the pottery to existing clay workings in White Hart Lane, Tottenham. The business expanded dramatically and Samuel became involved in cartage, brick-making and property. Upon his death the pottery passed to his eldest son, Samuel. 

Nos. 5 - 12 Samuel South(2) 1876-1956 

Samuel had commenced working for his father at the age of 12 and worked continuously at the pottery for the next 68 years. The business prospered in the 1920s and 1930s but was unable to recover sufficiently from the enforced closure during WW2 and the post-war decline of the Lea Valley Nursery Industry. The pottery closed in 1960.

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