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Samuel South(2) 1876 - 1956

Following the death of Samuel South(2) on 16 September 1956, letters of condolence from a wide circle of family, friends and business acquaintances were received by his widow, Emily Maud. Amongst the more formal expressions of sympathy, it is, perhaps, possible to gain, from a selection of the letters received , some insight into the personality of Samuel(2):

"He will be missed by so many people, for he was so friendly to all he met"

May & Bernard [Bunfield]

"He will be greatly missed among his many circles of friends, for he was such an active member of society"


"I have a good many friends but poor old Sam was the finest of them all.......I had the flag up at the Reading Room half mast and it will be on Thursday"

A G B [A Baggott - former mayor of Southwold]

"It has been our pleasure & honour to have known him as one of a great heart & deep humanity ever ready to help others in any way he could"

Eleanor & Wilfred Balchin

".......grandad we shall miss because every thing he did he put his whole heart into it. I feel he had a real interest in the family friends and all humans"

Martin [Beech - grandson]

"We shall miss his frequent visits to our little town and looked upon him as a very kind friend"

J W Blythe [Southwold - cinema]

"Sam was a particularly good  friend to me for many years and his straight forward and friendly manner must have endeared him to many, especially the members of our Association [National Horticultural Pottery Manufacturers' Association - NHPMA] where he will be sadly missed"

Clifford Bradley [Bradley & Co - pottery]

"having known him now for a long number of years I shall greatly miss him. I think Mr South and myself were two of the oldest members of the Association [NHPMA]. I think we all owe him a great debt for all he has done for the Association keeping us together"

W Brannans

"We shall always have very pleasant and happy memories of Mr south, with his cheerful kindliness and his very keen sense of humour"

Dorothy & Humphrey Cripps

"A great life and a grand man who will be sadly missed by many"

Sid Cole [E G Cole & Son - pottery]

"Your husband's happy disposition, forthright manner and wise counsel made him many friends and he will be greatly missed by all who had the privilege to know him"

Dick Couchman (Partner - H Seymour Couchman)

"I had the privilege of knowing him for some 40 years and held him in the highest regard and esteem. He was a very good friend to Dick and me"

H Couchman (Partner - H Seymour Couchman)

"He was one of the straightest and good living man that I have known it was a privilege to be called his friend"

Griffith Davies-Smith (director A Barton Co Ltd - department store - Wood Green)

"I shall always remember him as a man who always kept his word & above all always gave his tenants a square deal"

H J Forrest [tenant - 135, Devonshire Hill Lane]

".........send my last respects to a very dear and respected man. He was always ready to give help and advice........"

Gwen (wife of "Ted" South)

"Having known him for so many years we really think that Southwold has lost a good friend."

Joyce & Leslie James

"He will be greatly missed in lots of places especially here in Southwold where he had so many friends"

E Jarvis

"I shall always treasure the many kindnesses he showed to me and the advice he gave me especially in my younger days.........he had a marvellous disposition which he carried to every walk of life to which he was interested"

A W Parsons

"I always thought him a man of the highest integrity. A personality that will be hard to replace, he always amused me about his knowledge of horses and pigs."

G F Peck

"Sam South was of nature's gentlemen in the best sense of the word and I personally appreciated his friendship very much indeed"

Arthur L Robey (Managing Director - Cakebread Robey & Co Ltd)

"The group has lost a very good friend in Mr South who has always been so ready to 'lend a hand' and we will long remember his kindness during the building of our Head-quarters"

R G Row (115th North London Scout Group)

"I shall always remember him, during the war, sitting in his chair watching and sometimes playing cards with you and me before we went to the shelter. He had lots of friends all over the place and I know that they will all miss him very much"

John (Short - grandson)

"It must have been in the late 1920's that Mr South first paid us a friendly visit and shortly after at his kind invitation I came along to your White Hart Lane Pottery - a most memorable visit to me. We have always regarded him as being as being a champion of the smaller Pot makers......."     

 R J Watson

".......you have the joy of knowing that he served his generation well and has helped many lame dogs over stiles..........for he was a happy soul and always tried to make the best out of life and to live in harmony as far as possible with his fellows..........his loss will be keenly felt by the members of the Association, he being a life member, for his rich experience in pottery matters was always placed at the disposal of fellow members, and although sometimes he said many pungent things, yet his remarks were always kindly meant, and on many occasions he was able to pour oil on troubled waters."

R White


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