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Transcription of the deeds of River House has been completed and comprises 78 A4 pages although the text needs to be proof read and understood.

It is evident from a preliminary reading, and other research, that the ground upon which River House stood was part of a much larger area of land formerly of the estates owned by the Lord of the combined Manors of Tottenham ("the Manors of Tottenham Bruces Pembrokes Dawbines and Mockings") purchased by the Curtis family in 1805. In 1881, Sir William Michael Curtis enfranchised that parcel of land, freeing it from copyhold tenure, and sold it to Frederick Alderton who became the freeholder. The land passed through several owners before Samuel South(1) acquired River House in 1912 as described in the first newsletter.

Sir William Curtis also became Lord of the Manor of Edmonton in 1810. H. Seymour Couchman was agent to the Curtis family and H Seymour Couchman & Sons (Established 1830), Surveyors and Valuers, of 520, High Road, Tottenham, N. 17, acted for the Souths' over many years and were concerned with the negotiations for the sale of the Potteries in 1960.


Judith Cranfield(NZ) has made enquiries with shipping authorities and apparently established that when Joseph South emigrated to New Zealand, he gave the name of one of his brothers together with a lower age for himself and greater age for Ann Dutton, his second wife. Judith suspects that the deception was to qualify for an assisted passage to which, being a property owner,  he was not entitled.


Joyce, Peter, Donald and Kenneth have visited Bruce Castle Museum. There are limited South documents but a number of photographs both of the Potteries and the area surrounding White Hart Lane and Devonshire Hill Lane together with copies of various notes. The museum have provided copies which now require to be digested. More news will follow.

Of particular interest were the large scale Ordnance Survey maps 1864-1935 which illustrate the development of the area.

Joyce was incensed that, on public display, Souths' pots were sharing a cabinet with a Coles' pot. She was restrained from complaining to the Museum authorities.


The negatives of the Potteries' photographs taken by Peter have been transfered to two floppy disks. The minimum PC requirements are:-

386 4MB RAM DOS 5.0 WINDOWS 3.1  

If you would like copies please send two 1.44 MB disks.

Apple users apply separately.



Copy of Ordnance Survey Map. 


Copy of detailed, illustrated article about the Potteries which was  published in the The New Era Illustrated, August 1927.


Copy of letter from the commanding officer of Ted.


An apology is due to Martin for failing to acknowledge the following material in the first Newsletter.

Annotated photographs 

Newspaper cuttings


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