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During 2007 further South descendants from New Zealand and Australia were taken on the 'South Tour' around the villages of Barley, Barkway and Reed that was inaugurated in 2002 (Update 35).

In May Jocelyn Cranefield, great grand-daughter of Joseph South (1822-1906), and descended from his second marriage to Mary Ann Dutton visited the UK. In addition to the Hertfordshire trip Jocelyn was able to visit Clipstone Street and Chiltern Street (formerly East Street) where Mary and Joseph resided prior to their marriage in August 1869 at Holy Trinity Church, Marylebone.

June 2007 - Jocelyn Cranefield outside St Mary of Antioch, Barley.

Three months later in September Theresa and Jim Banfield were conducted around the Hertfordshire villages. Theresa is descended from John South the younger brother of Joseph who emigrated to Victoria in Australia in 1853 with two other brothers, Henry and Benjamin (Udate 32). Whilst in Barley Theresa made a telephone call to her daughter at home from a public phone box. One wonders what the Souths of 150 years ago would have made of it.     


The South family had a long history of non-conformism in their religious persuasions Joseph South adhered to the creed of the Primitive Methodists which was closely associated with the temperance movement supported by his second wife Mary Ann, both before and after they emigrated to New Zealand in 1874. In November 1871 Mary Ann had performed in an 'Entertainment' organised by the Band of Hope at the Primitve Methodist Chapel, West Green, Tottenham, in November 1871 (see Update No 7). After their arrival in Dunedin Joseph and Mary became leading members of the primitive methodist community and visiting minsters stayed at their house.

The non-conformist ethic was continued by the elder children of Joseph's first marriage who remained in the UK after the emigration of their father. Joseph (1850-1897), the eldest son, continued the association with the Primitive Methodists and documents lodged at London Metropolitan Archives evidence his trusteeship of the 'Primitive Methodist Chapel and School Room' at West Green and an association with the chapel in Chase Side, Enfield. In addition the Members' Register of the Edmonton and Tottenham Congregational Church, also held at London Metropolitan Archives, records his membership of its church at Snells Park (Update No 10) together with his wife and two daughters, Emily and Florence, during the stewardship of the Reverend Thomas Bagley. Fellow worshippers included Mr & Mrs Passaway, members of the King family and Edward Cole.   

Mrs Passaway is likely to be Ann South, the elder sister of Joseph, who had married William Passaway in 1869 and, later, Samuel South(2) was to marry Emily Maud King at the Congregational Church in 1899 at a ceremony officiated by Thomas Bagley. In 1888 Maud King, then aged 12, had been presented with a bible for 'obtaining the highest possible marks for attendance during 1888'. Edward Cole was probably the owner of E G Cole & Sons the great rival of Samuel South & Sons occupying adjoining potteries in White Hart Lane. In a letter of condolence sent following the the death of Samuel(2) in 1956 an 87 year old resident of Tottenham wrote:

'It has caused me to look back when your neighbour Mr E G Cole was my Sunday School Teacher at the Fore Street Schools, also when Miss Florrie South used to sing those splendid Solos in the Congregational Church in the time of the Rev Thos Bagley. Ah! those were Happy times of long ago'. 

At the funeral of Joseph in 1897 (Update No 12) not only was the service conducted by 'the Rev Bagley, minister of Snell's Park Congregational Chapel, and the Rev  Cornell, formerly minister of Northumberland Park Primitive Methodist' but also was attended by 'the Revs L G Fry, G E Thorn and D Russell'.

The religious adherence of Samuel South(1) (1853-1919) during his early years has not been established but it is reasonable to assume that he followed the nonconformist beliefs of his father and elder brother. At the age of 38 Samuel(1) was admitted as a member of the Strict Baptist Chapel in Claremont Street, Edmonton (see Update Nos 10 & 37). The archives of the Chapel are held at the Strict Baptist Library in Hove and record his association with the movement:

General Church Meeting Wednesday Evening the 8th day of July/91 - Mr J Bennett presided

New Member 

Mr S South a candidate for Membership who by appointment had been seen by Mr W Howe and Mr. J Hoy and recommended by them to the Deacons was now invited to relate before the Church a little of what he hoped the Lord had done for his soul, which he did in a few short, simple, honest expressions which commended him to those present and he was by the Church unanimously received, his baptism, as per Rule, to take place at the earliest opportunity.

Hymn 471 was then sung and Mr W Buckle closed the Meeting with prayer.

The Chapel had not been built for the Strict Baptists and did not have a facility for total immersion required by them for baptism and which reulted in the following entry:   

General Church Meeting Wednesday Evening the 21h day of October/91 - Mr J Bennett presided

By special consent of the Church as per Rule IV Mr S South the new candidate for Church membership was allowed to be present.

Mr Bennett informed the Meeting that arrangements had been made for Mr South to be baptised at Greenwich on the following evening by Mr Bourne.

In 1901 the freehold of the Chapel site became availble with Samuel(1) playing an active role in its purchase and in 1902 he became a Deacon of the Chapel. Some years later he became an officer:

General Church Meeting held on Wednesday Evening March 27th 1918 at Mr. Buckle's House - Mr Buckle Presided

The president said it was all ready known that Mr Hoult who had held the combined Offices of Secretary and Treasurer for many years had resigned both these Offices being compelled by reason of declining health. The Church received this in a Kindly sympathetic manner and then proceeded to discuss the question of a Successor to the position - one as Treasurer and the other Secretary. This was discussed and agreed upon Mr South being appointed Treasurer and Mr Harris Secretary.

However less than year later Samuel(1) died in January 1919 and the following letter of condolence was sent to his widow:

Ebenezer Chapel

Upper Edmonton

27th January/19

At a Church meeting held on Wednesday evening last it was the unanimous wish of the Church that the Secretary write a letter to you expressing their heartfelt sympathy and condole with you in the very sad loss you have sustained by the death of your dear Kindhearted loving and praying Husband and Father.

We as a Church miss him very much and feel the loss Keenly. May the dear Lord in His infinite mercy sanctify this solemn dispensation to you all as a family and to us as a Church.

May the Lord comfort you and may your desire be to realize that your dear departed Husband and Father's God is your God and may you feel that underneath you all are [in] His everlasting Arms of love and mercy 

With best wishes from the Deacons and Church and signed on behalf of same

Yours Very Sincerely

S Hoult Junr



A national survey of all land and property in England and Wales was carried out under the Finance Act of 1910 which imposed a levy on the increase in value of land that had accrued since April 1909 and the date of subsequent sale. Several years were spent on the valuation process but the tax was repealed in 1920. The assessors Field Books are held at the Public Record Office and provide interesting and valuable information of the properties either owned or leased by Samuel South(1)
(nb. more detailed tables given in PDf version of Update):

River House - purchased by Samuel(1) in 1915
Ref No: 9269
Situation: River House Devonshire Hill
Description: House & Grounds
Extent:1[acre] 3[roods] 2[perches]
Occupier: Alex Field
Owner: L C Westminster Bank
Interest of Owner: Freehold
Rent: £40
Particulars: River House old Brick & Slate house 5 bedrooms, dining room, drawing room, kitchen scullery & WC
Valuation [of whole property]: £500
Valuation [of land]:1.906 acres @ £200 per acre = £380

Pipers Court - purchased by Samuel(1) in 1909
Ref No:9276
Situation: White Hart Lane (Piper's Court)
Description: House
Extent: abt 1a 1r 20p
Occupier: J H Carlton
Owner: Samuel South & Sons
Interest of Owner: Freehold
Occupier's tenancy: Weekly subject to 3 months notice
Actual (or Est) Rent: £45-10s  per annum
Former Sales Dates: August 1909
Interest: Freehold
Consideration: £800
Subsequent Expenditure: about £160
Particulars: House Brick Slate comprising 4 bedrooms dressing room bathroom, 3 sitting rooms, kitchen & scullery. Stabling (old). Various sheds. Long frontage to White Hart. Lane. Land.
Valuation [of whole property]: 800
Valuation [of land]: 550

White Hart Lane Potteries - leased by Samuel South(1) from 1886
Ref No: 5465
Situation: White Hart Lane
Description: Pottery, stables etc
Extent: abt 4a 1r 36p
Occupier: South & Sons
Owner: See 5462 [J W Schofield 33 Pembroke Road Bootle]
Interest of Owner: See 5462 [Freehold]
Occupier's tenancy: Lease
Actual (or Est.) Rent: £151-7-0
Particulars: Pottery & land. Including b[rick] & s[late] offie. Kilns long range of stabling, drying sheds. All the bldgs are removable at the expiration of the lease by the tenant  29-9-14 
Valuation [of whole property]: £1320
Valuation [of land]: £1120

Devonshire Hill Farm - leased by Samuel South(1)
Ref No: 5456
Situation: White Hart Lane
Description: Devonshire Hill Farm
Extent: 51a 1r 24p
Occupier: Samuel South & Sons
Owner: New River Co Ltd 18 Percy Circus Kings Cross WC
Interest of Owner: Freehold
Occupier's tenancy: Yearly
Actual (or Est.) Rent: £135 per annum
Particulars: Ordnance Map nos. Wood Green 74, 62 64 & part of 66. For detailed description see papers [not available]. Inspected June 1912
Valuation [of whole property]: £1375
Valuation [of land]: £1375

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