How Rural Tottenham

210 mm x 148.5 mm (A5)

Over 300 pages

Over 180 photographs, maps and plans

'Then and Now' photographs

Separate field, street and general indices

Perfect bound

28 Chapters

Full colour cover (right)

Forward by Deborah Hedgecock, Curator, Bruce Castle Museum



Map of area covered

Between the junctions of White Hart Lane with Creighton Road in the east and Wolves Lane (and beyond) to the west, from Compton Crescent in the south to the Edmonton boundary in the north, and straddling the boundary of Tottenham and Wood Green, lay a patchwork of fields extending over some 250 acres which existed into the third decade of the 20th century. 'HOW RURAL TOTTENHAM DISAPPEARED' describes how within the course of a few years the area was transformed from a rural landscape into the urban environment of today.

'This book will encourage us all to take a second look at the landscape we have inherited and the stories we have been told. For Devonshire Hill and White Hart Lane, old hedgerows may have been replaced by trim garden hedges, but the shape and the names of roads, open spaces and buildings are all reminders of its significant architectural and rural past.'

Deborah Hedgecock, Curator
Bruce Castle Museum



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