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The leading vehicles in the cortège travelling on the Great Cambridge Road, Tottenham, from St Benet Fink's Church, Walpole Road, N 22,  towards the Roundway N 17 on the journey to Edmonton Cemetery.

The funeral of Samuel(2) took place on Thursday 21 June 1956. The cortege was lead by three hearses conveying the wreathes received. His widow, Emily Maud, travelled in the Armstrong Siddeley (Update No 8) accompanied by her three surviving sons. On the journey to St Benet Fink's Church the procession halted in front of Samuel South & Sons in tribute to the 68 years that he had devoted to the family Pottery. After the church service the cortège made its way onto the Great Cambridge Road (A 10) and travelled north, with a police escort, to Edmonton Cemetery for the committal. The traffic signals, at the junction with White Hart Lane, changed to red as the hearses passed through and Samuel(3) instructed Charles Tompkins to follow them against the light. The remainder of the procession of cars followed this example.


In 1917 Samuel(2) and his family moved from Snells Park, Edmonton, to River House [above], Devonshire Hill Lane (formerly Clay Hill). It was an impressive house. The abandoned bed of the New River ran through the garden and remained in water. Improvements to the property were undertaken although lighting was by gas mantles when the house was demolished in 1936/37. New River House [below], 139, Devonshire Hill Lane, N17 was built on the site. Samuel(2) and Emily Maud stand outside the front door shortly after they had moved into the new house.

CLAY HILL (cont)

Update No 18 and Update No 19 have included the start of the conveyancing history of the River House land since the ownership as part of the manorial estates of Sir William Curtis and his descendants. In the Indenture of Enfranchisement of the 31 October 1881 the parcels of land (illustrated in Update No 4) are described as:-

"All that customary messuage and tenement with the barns stables outbuildings appurtenances thereunto belonging situate at Clay Hill in the Manors aforesaid together with the several pieces or parcels of land thereunto belonging containing together by estimation Twenty five acres and nineteen poles formerly in the occupation of William Heath and now of Robert Rowley Chapman

And also that cottage with the garden and appurtenances thereunto belonging formerly in the tenure or occupation of Samuel Richards and now of James Sadler which said cottage adjoins the said messuage or tenement lands or premises situate at Clay Hill aforesaid [as from mortgage deed 2 January 1882] "all of such premises were subsequently in the occupation of Joseph Fletcher or his under tenants"[was added]

And also that customary messuage or tenement with barns stables outbuildings and appurtenances thereunto belonging situate at Clay Hill within the said Manors together with the two pieces or parcels of land and formerly three pieces thereto belonging and nearly adjoining containing by estimation Ten acres three roods and eighteen perches as the same were formerly in the tenure or occupation of John Thompson and now of the said Robert Rowley Chapman with the exception of a small paddock thereof containing by admeasurement Three roods and thirty one poles in the occupation of the said James Sadler"  

In addition to the above land, the conveyance from Alderton to Ford of the 30 December 1881 included:-

"Firstly all that piece or parcel of land situate at Tottenham in the County of Middlesex containing by admeasurement one rood five perches forming a portion of the abandoned channel or bed of the New River and bounded on each side by the lands hereafter described and intended to be hereby granted Together with pipes fences and bridge in or upon the said piece or parcel of land"

Further research into and consideration of the census and rating records is required in order to correlate the property described above with the buildings shown on the Ordnance Survey appearing in Update No 3 and to correctly identify River House. The present interpretation is:

First paragraph

River House

Second paragraph

Cottage adjoining River House

Third paragraph

Devonshire Hill Lodge (Turner's Farm - Update No 3)


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