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On Saturday 5 July 1903, 28 prisoners appeared at the Middlesex Sessions including George Dobbs who was accused of stealing a horse owned by Samuel South.

At that time Samuel South(1) was living in Snells Park and his brickfield at Bury Street, Edmonton, was in production in addition to the White Hart Lane pottery. 

The following week, The Tottenham and Edmonton Weekly Herald reported:

Samuel South(1) 1853-1919

"George Dobbs, 24, a labourer, was indicted for stealing a horse from a field near Montague-road, Edmonton, the property of Samuel South. It was shown by the evidence that prisoner stole the horse, and took it to a slaughterer named Howard, at ten o' clock at night, saying that the "old man" wanted it slaughtered that night but Howard refused on account of the lateness of the hour. Howard's suspicions were aroused, and he communicated with the police, and the prisoner was arrested, and the animal secured. Mr. Montague Sharp highly commended Howard and Detective-sgt. Roche. Prisoner was sentenced to 18 months hard labour." 

(With thanks to Jim Deamer - Edmonton Hundred Historical Society)       


Joseph South(1) - 1822-1906 - the whereabouts of Joseph and his family between the 1851 Census, when he lived in Cheshunt, and the foundation of his Edmonton pottery in 1868 had not been discovered. Further scrutiny of the 1861 Census establishes that, in that year, he was living in Church Lane, Edmonton.

The Census also records a further, previously unknown, daughter, Clara, in addition to the children listed in Update No. 28. Reference to the Registry of Births, Marriages and Deaths provided details of a Clara South born in Edmonton in 1855. Clara was not recorded in the 1871 Census but, at present, the date of her death has not been traced.

This recent discovery increases the family from Joseph's marriage to Emma Bright to ten children, of whom, three daughters, Ann, Isabella and Clara did not survive to adulthood. There were a further nine children from his second marriage to Mary Ann Dutton.

Joseph South(2) -1850-1897 - the Edmonton rating assessments record Joseph as the owner of 20 houses in Rose Terrace, Brettenham Road, Edmonton, and 18 houses in Edinburgh Road, Edmonton, in addition to "land and brickfield" in Bury Street.

Samuel South(1) -1853-1919 - the Minutes of Tottenham UDC disclose, that in addition his businesses of the White Hart Lane pottery, Bury Street brickfield (acquired after the death of his brother Joseph) and Cartage Contractor, Samuel was awarded the following Council contracts after competitive tender;

May 1907 - Contract to Remove Manure [from Council stables].
March 1909 - Contract for the Supply Road Materials [rough ballast].
July 1909 - Contract for the Supply of Horses and Carts [as required].
August 1909 - Contract to Remove Grass from Lammas Lands [hayfields under council care].

On 21st January 1913 the General Purposes Committee reported to the Council that;

"Messrs. South & Sons have purchased about 35 acres of part of the above estate [Devonshire Hill Estate, White Hart Lane, Tottenham], and in erecting fences encroached on a public footpath some three or four feet, and up to as much as five feet on a highway used for vehicular traffic. The Engineer communicated with them, and subsequently met their Surveyor, Mr. Couchman, and after inspection, the removal of the fences and their re-erection on the proper boundary lines has been arranged."

It is believed that the land mentioned was subsequently developed by the Local Authority for council housing. Further research is required.

The following entry in the Minutes was also found to be of interest;

Minutes of Tottenham UDC - 22nd May 1900

Resolved unanimously

That the following cablegram be forwarded to Major General Baden-Powell congratulating him on the Relief of Mafeking viz:-

"Tottenham District Council and Member of Parliament for Division hearty congratulations relief Mafeking"

The Council then sang a verse of the National Anthem and gave three cheers for Baden-Powell.


A plan of South & Sons White Hart Lane Potteries was prepared by H. Seymour Couchman & Sons, Architects and Surveyors, 320 High Road, Tottenham, N. 17, in August 1948. The reproduction below has been enhanced.

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