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Peter South (left), Samuel(2), Samuel(3), Graham South
Eastbourne Conference 1952

Samuel South(2) was a staunch member of The National Association of Horticultural Pottery Manufacturers and regularly attended the annual conferences.

At the conference held at Eastbourne in 1952, he was accompanied by his eldest son, Samuel(3) and grandsons, Peter and Graham South, who were the 5th generation of the family, since Joseph South (1822-1906), to be employed in the pottery industry.

Samuel(2) felt immense pride when the Chairman announced to the Conference that three generations of the South family were present.

Charles South remained at home in order to manage the pottery.


Update 39 included an enhanced plan of the Samuel South & Sons pottery prepared in 1948 by H. Seymour Couchman & Sons, surveyors and architects, of Tottenham who acted for the Souths' for many years. Graham South has provided details of the layout of the main building that incorporated the potmaking, drying and kiln sheds - see above. The original building on the site when Samuel South(2) arrived in 1886 had been added to and extended over the ensuing years. Mostly, the structures were of simple construction comprising a timber frame clad with corrugated iron sheeting.


North Road, Edmonton, N. 9. - 2005

On his death in 1919, the estate of Samuel South(1) incorporated 81 residential properties including all 34 houses in North Road, Edmonton, N. 9.  It is believed that the houses were acquired, in settlement of a debt from a speculative builder who was unable to pay for the bricks supplied from the South brickfield. The houses remain and are depicted above.


In 1853, Henry and John South, brothers of Joseph, emigrated to Australia (see Update No. 32) and settled in Maldon, a gold rush town, in central Victoria. John turned his hand to brickmaking and bricklaying. The gold rush had attracted a significant Chinese population and John constructed an ornamental brick oven in the local cemetery which was used to burn incense during their funerary rites. Now a listed building, the oven is a tourist attraction. 

Descendants of the brothers continue to live in Maldon. Over the past year or so contact has been made via the internet and South website with Margaret Baker (Henry South) and Kay Shekleton and Bryan Long (John South). None of the three were known to the others and were put in touch. Recently, confirmation was received that they had met up and were able exchange details of their family histories since the arrival of their ancestors in Australia.


"Tring 1896"
Samuel (2), aged 20, second right, Emily Maud King fourth right

The photographs above and below include Samuel South(2) and his future wife, Emily Maud King, before their marriage in 1899. Each quotation is his description, and date, of the scene.

Members of the King family lived in Tring, Herts.

It is interesting to note what was considered suitable attire for a trip to the sea-side.

"Folkstone 50 years ago [1898] - 1948"
Samuel(2), aged 22, second right, Emily Maud King third right

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