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This 50th edition of the Update is issued in the tenth year of publication. Since 1996, over 150 pages and a similar number of illustrations have been published. Over that time the last of the surviving children of Samuel(2) have passed away and with them memories of much of the period covered by the present research. The Samuel South website was launched in 2000 and has received over 5000 "hits" to date. Several members of the extended family have made contact via the site and information exchanged.

Other activities since the 25th anniversary edition was published in 2000 have included the organisation of a tour of the Hertfordshire villages of Barley, Barkway and Reed where the South family has its roots in September 2002 (Update No. 35). Presentations on the history of the North London pottery industry in general, and Samuel South & Sons in particular, have been given to the Surrey Industrial Heritage Group and meetings at Bruce Castle Museum, Tottenham. There have been further references to Samuel South & Sons in the following publications:

Tottenham & Edmonton Past & Present (p 91)

Chris Protz & Deborah Hedgecock

Sutton Publishing Ltd. 2003

Harringey At War

Deborah Hedgecock & Robert Waite

Tempus 2004

What of the future? In recent years the Update has been issued quarterly but a reappraisal is required with the recent publication of "South From Barley". The book not only consolidates most of the information appearing in the Updates and on the website but also includes previously unpublished research. Many of the lines of research into the history of Samuel South & Sons have been explored. Inevitably, further information will come to light (for example see below) but probably not sufficient for the publication of an Update at such frequent intervals.

Research continues into the development of the area around White Hart Lane and Devonshire Hill Lane which was, arguably, the last rural part of Tottenham. The South family again features in many of the transactions also described in "South From Barley" but it is intended to deal with them in greater depth.  


In August 1929 the Tottenham & Edmonton Weekly Herald reported that tenders from both Tottenham and Wood Green Fire Brigades attended a fire at the South pottery. Considerable damage was caused to a wood store and cart shed but the fire was prevented from spreading further. Receipt of a letter from Samuel South & Sons "expressing appreciation of the services rendered by the Brigade on the occasion of a fire at their premises" is recorded in the minutes of Tottenham District Council for September 1929.


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A successful launch of "South From Barley" was held at Bruce Castle Museum on 20 May 2006. This family history begins in the Hertfordshire village of Barley and follows the journey of the South family southwards to London and further afield to New Zealand. The founding of the Edmonton pottery by Joseph South in 1868 is described and how the supply of flower pots to the Lea valley nurserymen continued for nearly 100 years.  

Some 30 guests including members of the South family attended the launch. Robert Waite, the assistant curator, opened the proceedings and after a few short remarks by the author the book went on sale. The book has been well received and orders for over 50 copies have been sent to New Zealand members of the family.

Thanks are due to Deborah Hedgecock, museum curator, and members of the museum staff.

A customer arrives at last!


Readers are invited to test their knowledge in the following quiz. All of the information required has appeared in Updates Nos. 26-50:

1. How many children are recorded from the marriage of Joseph South and his first wife, Emma Bright?

a) 8. b) 9. c) 10.

2. How many children are recorded from the marriage of Joseph South and his second wife, Mary Ann Dutton?

a) 8. b) 9. c) 10.

3. In which regiment did Ted South serve in WW2?

a) Royal Artillery. b) Royal Engineers. c) Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineer.

4. Who made the last pot when the White Hart Lane pottery closed in 1960?

a) Samuel South(3). b) Charles South. c) Graham South. d) Peter South.

5. Charles South kept a pet at River House, what was it?

a) a dog. b) a lamb. c) a jackdaw.

6. For which party did Samuel South(1) stand as a candidate at the 1904 Edmonton Council elections?

a) Progressive Association. b) Ratepayers' & Traders'. c) Trades & Labour. d) Socialist. e) Independent.

7. In 1915, Samuel(1) bought land to the west of the original pottery site in White Hart Lane. Who from?

a) London County Council. b) Middlesex County Council. 
c) Tottenham District Council. d) Wood Green District Council. 

8. In 1936 Samuel(2) sold part of the land in question 7. What was built on the site?

a) New River Playing Fields. b) Wonderloaf Bakery. c)Wood Green Town Football Club.

9. At what age was Samuel(2) admitted as a Strict Baptist?

a) 19. b) 29. c) 39.

10. Joseph's brothers, Henry, John and Benjamin emigrated to Australia. In what year?

a) 1853. b) 1863. c)1873.  

Click here for answers

What was your rating?

8 - 10 Well done, you certainly know your South history.

5 - 7 Could do better.

3 - 6 You have not been paying attention.

0 - 2 I don't know why I bother! 

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