Gallery 2

Nos. (1) - (4) comprise a series of postcards isssued by Samuel South & Sons in the 1920's (estimated). The South claim to be "The Largest Makers of Horticultural Pottery in England" seems to have been challenged and the cards are overprinted with "One of  ......". Also, Tottenham Potteries usually referred to the neigbouring pottery of E. G. Cole. The South pottery was known as White Hart Lane Potteries.

Nos. (5) - (11) accompanied the article published in The New Era Illustrated of August 1927 (see Articles section for text). The captions are those appearing with the photographs.

Nos. (12) - (18) depict personalities and events connected with the Potteries.

NEW Since the construction of Gallery 2 a further valuable photograph has been discovered and published in Update 30. The photograph depicts the Pottery employees circa 1895.

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